Thursday, October 4, 2012

P&W wins Silver Pentaward

We are excited to announce that we’ve just won a Silver Pentaward for our Tesco Spanish Orange Juice range.
 A prestigious awards program dedicated exclusively to Packaging Design, judged and awarded by an international panel composed of 12 packaging design professionals” 
The goal was to create a design solution that stood out amongst other ordinary orange juice, an eye catching and unique solution for this specialty juice. Orange juice is a crowded category, complex and difficult to shop, for a specialty juice to thrive it needs to be identifiable on shelf.
The design reflects the origin of the oranges whilst keeping it light hearted and distinctive from the array of other orange juices in the fixture – the idea of the Matador was used to create an iconic symbol - integrating the photographic orange within the illustrations for a sense of fun and still differentiating between the smooth and with bits orange juice varieties. It also had to have the ability to communicate strongly within the juice category, which is all about refreshment and flavor.
"We think the highly creative solution is eye catching and distinctive, the design wraps around the pack truly bringing the character to life “ –P&W

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