Tuesday, August 10, 2010

P&W Los Angeles | Lomography

After hearing all about the London studio’s Lomography workshop and seeing their fantastic shots, we eagerly awaited our turn at the Los Angeles Lomography gallery in West Hollywood.

We signed up for the ‘lubitel lovers’ workshop, little did we know that this is the most advanced and most expensive piece of Lomography kit. It’s twin lens, fully manual, manual focus, exposures and apertures, with a waist level view finder and can shoot flexible 120 or 35mm format.

We were briefed on the basics and the features and off we went walking the streets of West Hollywood. Part of our shooting was the busy streets of Santa Monica Boulevard and part venturing into the quieter residential neighborhoods. The double exposure feature was our favorite.

Our anticipation built before seeing the results once our film was developed.......let us know what you think of our efforts.

This style of photography is so different to our digital age and is wildly fun, not knowing what you will end up getting when the film is developed is strangely wonderful! Not being able to use any special digital color or light effects gives you an uneasy feeling but also pumps you full of creative ideas, its just a good old glass camera lens working hard for you.

A manual for the manual camera would have been nice, I don’t know if I used any of the settings correctly? I don’t think any of us did.

But that’s what Lomography is all about ... NO RULES, NO GUIDELINES TO FOLLOW, NO WRONG AND NO RIGHT, right?

*Just a hunch, but I think the LA shots might have a bit more SUNLIGHT in them, and might be great as a slide show streaming to the song “California Girls” by Katy Perry. :) 

Lubitel Ladies - lubitel-workshop

Lyndsay's 120 format shots

Heather's 120 format shots

Danielle's 35mm format shots (with exposed sprockets)


  1. Looks like you had an idea in mind for the California Girls cover artwork when you took the top right one! Great pic.

  2. Love the photos ladies! This is Lindsay, your helpful Lubitel instructor. I just posted our blog on the workshop as well... check it out - http://www.lomography.com/magazine/events/2010/08/17/lomography-gallery-store-la-re-cap-of-august-lubitel-lovers-workshop