Friday, October 15, 2010

Plantain Snack | Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, USA

We have designed Plantain chip packaging for Fresh & Easy, which lauched in stores this week. In Southwest regions of the world, plantains are a staple and are treated much like a potato, making this lightly salted crisp a great alternative to the ordinary potato chip.

Containing only three ingredients, Plantains, Sunflower Oil and Salt, this simple snack is free of artificial ingredients, unlike the leading chip brands. We decided to emphasize the simplicity through a clean honest design solution. The hand-painted playful typography and exotic shades of green applied to a wood-textured background helped us to achieve a design suggestive of a tropical fruit stand. Offering this unique product in an appropriately skinny bag will hopefully peak the interest of consumers, and secure it’s spot as a highly marketable item.

“The unusual nature of plantain crisps required a novel design treatment that would differentiate it from more conventional snacking products, while giving strong provenance cues. We were really pleased with the solution, which is simple, original and eye catching. The structure of the design offers plenty of scope for range extensions if it is decided to expand into flavored SKUs”.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

P&W Wins Pentaward for Fresh & Easy Kid’s Cereals

We have won a Pentaward award for our F&E Kid‘s Cereal!

The three-strong range, Cookie Bites, Cocoa Sharks and Apple & Cinnamon Smiles, have been designed to achieve cut-through in a category replete with bright colours, artificial flavours and cartoon characters, including well-known licenses such as The Flintstones, and TV "stars" such as Count Chocula.

The Fresh & Easy products are free of artificial colourings and flavours and contain less sugar than many of the mainstream brands, but we wanted to promote these core Fresh and Easy values with a sense of fun. We transformed the boxes into individual characters, each one about to guzzle back a bowl of their favourite cereal. Their bold, graphic style is unique to the market and stands apart from the more visually cluttered branded competitors. To increase engagement and repeat purchase, and imbue the packs with Fresh & Easy’s personality, we also created games, such as mazes and fun word-finders, to feature on back of pack.

“We are very proud of the new Fresh & Easy Kids’ cereals range. There is so much choice within breakfast cereals in the USA, that it can be fairly bewildering for parents who just want to give their children a nutritious start to the day. Our work with Fresh & Easy has been all about helping US consumers to choose top-quality products. To come up with a set of designs that not only stand out at the fixture but also use the whole of the pack to add a real sense of fun to compete with the brands, is testament to the insight and ability of our design team.”

UPDATE- March 2011
Read more about our kids cereal featured by other blogs and design magazines.

Friday, October 8, 2010

P&W appointed to gifting brief by Burnt Sugar

Design agency P&W has been selected by confectionery brand Burnt Sugar to design a range of gift packaging as co founders Justine and Colin Cather look to raise the brand’s profile in the gifting and sharing arena. Part-owned by distributors Petty Wood and Co, the Burnt Sugar product range, which has listings in Waitrose includes fudge, caramels and honeycomb available in 110g packs. With the continued growth of home entertainment and consumer interest in nostalgic and “comfort” treats, the new gifting range will be targeted at less formal gifting occasions such as dinner parties and Big Nights In.

Commenting on the appointment, P&W Founding Partner Adrian Whitefoord said:

“With the rise in interest in good old-fashioned indulgence, there is an opportunity in the gifting market to occupy a niche for unpretentious treats that show a bit more imagination and personality than a bottle of wine or box of chocolates. We are delighted to be working with Burnt Sugar on this project, which could provide the brand with significant new opportunities. We have always enjoyed working with entrepreneurs who have a genuine passion for their products, and Justine certainly comes into that category.”

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Around the world simmer sauce- Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market USA

We have designed a range of cooking sauces for Fresh & Easy. Inspired by recipes from around the world, the range offers diverse and authentic sauces, perfect for introducing the inexperienced chef to easy ethnic cuisine. The vivid imagery and design details make each pack unique, allowing you to travel the world without leaving the kitchen!

The design emphasizes the use of quality ingredients through colorful ingredients based photography. By using a crystal label on an elegant glass jar; we convey honesty and belief in the product allowing the consumer to see the sauce they are purchasing. Incorporating hits of silver metallic, bright color combinations and easy-to-follow 1,2,3, cooking instructions on the back, the results are a product that will be a strong competitor within a small but growing category.

“We are very proud of the new Fresh & Easy Simmer Sauce range. This is a fairly new category in the USA, so it was important to convey the convenience and ease of cooking using a simple 3 step process on the back. Our work with Fresh & Easy has been all about helping US consumers to choose top-quality products. To come up with a elegant solution that not only stands out at the fixture but also uses the whole of the pack to communicate the quality of ingredients and ease of use, is testament to the insight and ability of our design team.”

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anthony Gormley, Breathing room III

A while ago, Mark organised a creative lunch for the team, a tradition at p&w. 8 of us went down to Anthony Gormely’s latest Exhibition Breathing room III, at the White cube Gallery, in Mason’s Yard, Mayfair. The artist had created this installation using 15 interconnecting Photo-luminescent “space frames” that filled almost the whole of the gallery space. It was like being in the 1980’s film Tron, walking through the bright blue shapes, It was very calm and relaxing to look at until... we all got a shock as the brightest lights came on filling the whole room with white light, the point being to re-charge the florescent paint on the frames, and changing the whole experience and emotions triggered by the exhibition.

“Time and light are the principal materials of the work. Breathing Room III encourages the viewer to enter into and interact with a defined sculptural space, where intense bursts of light interrupt complete darkness, unexpectedly jolting the experience from one of quiet meditation to acute interrogation.”

The trip was a success and enjoyed by all who came along, we try and encourage monthly creative lunches, which can be anything
that will help getting those creative juices flowing, for inspiration and getting the team together in a different environment.

Who knows what we will all be up to on the next creative lunch?...