Tuesday, November 30, 2010

P&W Los Angeles | Noah's Ark Exhibit

Noah’s Ark is a wooden ark exhibit inspired by the ancient flood story, filled with hand crafted animals constructed from recycled materials and everyday items such as bicycle parts, bottle caps, mop heads, rear view mirrors.

The whole area is interactive with life sized puppets, places to climb, explore, play and learn.

Storms can be created, thunder, wind and rain using instruments and mechanical sound devices. There is even a rainbow projected onto the back wall.

Some of our favs:

Lyndsay: Flamingo made from handbags, combs and spools of thread

Danielle: Stag made from a tractor seat and pitch forks for antlers

Heather: Crocodile made from a violin case

Zebra made from keyboard and air conditioning drums

Polar bear made from bath tub, bucket and plumbing foam

Owl made from fans and a spring

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Premium Belgian Cookies | Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, USA

We have designed a range of premium imported Belgian cookies for Tesco’s US chain Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. These imported cookies are covered in rich Belgian chocolate with various fillings such as coconut, caramel, hazelnut and orange.

The dark luxurious photography screams indulgence whilst ensuring the product is the hero of the pack. The photography is enhanced with a backdrop of its ingredients communicating high quality. Premium cues are delivered through minimal contemporary type in zingy colors balanced with a warm metallic silver for a luxury boost.

“The design treatment required for this range was that of indulgence. These products were selected as best in class and we feel our design communicated that with elegance. Merchandised in store, these would be identifiable as a top tier choice with the dark background blocking them out as a group and the matt varnish eliminating any glare from store lighting. The design solution utilizes the entire pack showcasing the cookies and through romance copy, describes what makes these the finest choice”.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

P&W Los Angeles | 1000 Journals Project

The project was launched 10 years ago by Brian Singer, a San Francisco designer, he sent blank journals with cover designs by a variety of emerging and well-known artists into the world with an open invitation to add writing, art, poetry, and musings to each journal and pass it along.

The journals have traveled by air, sea, and land throughout the US and 40 other countries. 15 of the returned journals were on display at the Skirball cultural center in LA.

This art form is a complicated combination of urban graffiti, rude bathroom wall musings, deep confessions, poetry and enlightening philosophy.

Our thoughts:


  • amusing
  • reading ‘between’ the lines in every sense of the word
  • legal and seemingly structured new age graffiti


  • unique
  • inspiring to see people’s creativity
  • relevant- I found an entry from London & an entry about Lomography

  • impressed with the variety of cities the journals traveled to
  • organized chaos
  • found the "confession-type" entries to be the most entertaining/interesting