Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A-Z | Japanese Innovations

Combining style, function and in some cases humour, Japan has been leading the way in product design for many years.  

We at P&W have a close connection with the Japanese market through our work with Seicomart and are always looking out for new and classic packaging and product design for inspiration. 

Paper hook created by Torafu Architects, is an ingeniously simple yet fun design. The paper tape becomes firm enough to work as wall hooks when wet and dried. 
Source information - http://torafu.com/works/tap

When style and function work in harmony. D-bros created a series of 'watering cans' from flat plastic sheets which in turn can be used a plant vase.  
Source information from http://jpdesign.org/

H-concept released a product named 'Akanbe', which is a Japanese facial expression that makes fun of others. The 'Akanbe', designed by Takashi Hojo, is made from felt and sturdier enough to use as a magazine or storage holder 
Source information http://jpdesign.org

Torafu Architects of Tokyo designed the 'Air Vase", a paper container that can be stretched into a vase, plate or bowl. The 'Air Vase' comes as a perforated flat disc that allows the user to pull up each side into the preferred shape. As the paper is a different colour on each side the vases appear to change colour when viewed from various angles.
Source information - http://torafu.com

Deliciously inventive notepad designed by Masashi Tentaku, which would brighten up any work desk. A tree twig is used as the stem of the notepad and is sold with netting to create the realistic fruit look. The only downside is that you would not want to ruin such a beautiful design by using them!
Source information http://picocool.com/