Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anthony Gormley, Breathing room III

A while ago, Mark organised a creative lunch for the team, a tradition at p&w. 8 of us went down to Anthony Gormely’s latest Exhibition Breathing room III, at the White cube Gallery, in Mason’s Yard, Mayfair. The artist had created this installation using 15 interconnecting Photo-luminescent “space frames” that filled almost the whole of the gallery space. It was like being in the 1980’s film Tron, walking through the bright blue shapes, It was very calm and relaxing to look at until... we all got a shock as the brightest lights came on filling the whole room with white light, the point being to re-charge the florescent paint on the frames, and changing the whole experience and emotions triggered by the exhibition.

“Time and light are the principal materials of the work. Breathing Room III encourages the viewer to enter into and interact with a defined sculptural space, where intense bursts of light interrupt complete darkness, unexpectedly jolting the experience from one of quiet meditation to acute interrogation.”

The trip was a success and enjoyed by all who came along, we try and encourage monthly creative lunches, which can be anything
that will help getting those creative juices flowing, for inspiration and getting the team together in a different environment.

Who knows what we will all be up to on the next creative lunch?...

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