Thursday, July 8, 2010


Our resident Lomography nuts, Nicola and Jamie, have often been overheard excitedly discussing fish eye lenses, vignetting, and multiple exposures, whilst the rest of us were left wondering what all the fuss was about.

All that changed when the studio attended a Lomography workshop as part of our creative lunch series, where we were introduced to the wonderful world of Dianas and Holgas (names of their most popular cameras not some foreign exchange students!).

After a brief introduction to the basics, we donned our toy-like cameras and ventured out into the streets of London. The brief was simple: shoot anything you like - just have fun! This seems to be the essence of Lomography as it's not at all a precise science, and encourages shooting from the hip and spontaneity. Also, the fact you're shooting on film (remember those days?) means you can't review what you've just shot, which at first seems frustrating compared to the modern style of photography we are all so accustomed to now, but is actually quite liberating as you don't waste time deliberating over details. You shoot, you move on. Simple.

With the films developed, we held our own private view down the local pub, with a judging panel formed by those who were unable to attend the workshop. So, along with Paul and Jess, Michaila (our self-decreed chief judge!) decided the winners. Drum roll please...

Mel's winning duel-frame multiple-exposure of Carnaby Street (groovy, man).

Sam's 2nd prize theatrical multiple-exposure.

Vicky's 3rd prize multi-layered multiple-exposure
(have you spotted the general theme yet?!).

Mark's abstract comment on the fall of Western society.....or just a pretty picture of a Coke can?

Jamie seemed to know exactly where in Soho to get this great shot!

Phil's homage (or should that be Lom-age) to Martin Parr.

A Wes-eyed view of London street life.

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