Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A-Z | Street Stencils

Candy Chang is a unique mix of graphic designer, urban planner, and architect with an ultimate goal of improving local communities with her environmental designs. 
She is known for street stenciling public spaces with thought-provoking messages, maps, and other helpful graphics. Her project called Sidewalk Psychiatry, was designed to prompt pedestrians to "do a little self-reflecting in transit". 

On the pavement of New York City, she stenciled questions such as "Do you think that went well?" and "Does she know how you feel?" with temporary spray chalk.  
On Governors Island in New York City, she used the same stenciling process to bring both entertaining and important historical facts to the sidewalks.


In Chinatown you will find a stencil design on the sidewalk that reads "This would be a nice place for a tree". This was her contribution to the "new MillionTreesNYC program, where they are aiming to plant one million new trees in the next decade".
She proposed a navigation system for the Brooklyn Bridge as the area is difficult to navigate for visitors and tourists. Her simple graphics would make the tourist hot spot a fun place to explore.


  1. Thanks Charmaine, we agree, and I also found a new post with some of Candy's work http://tiny.cc/before_I_die