Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Jonathan Adler is a colorful thinker and interior innovator. Design comes in all sizes, shapes and colors in this case it comes as a prescription. “My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living” By Jonathan Adler.

In the book Jonathan boastsLayer, layer, layer. Unexpected touches are the soul of the MAXIMALIST HOME: A painting hung on a bookcase, a chandelier in a closet, a brass lion’s-head door knocker in a modern apartment.” 


Having things in your home that brighten your mood and make you smile should be a way of life.

Love or hate the things he creates, he truly inspires his followers to enjoy and embrace the things they love and encourages them to bring them into their homes and showcase them! 

Adler inspires people to embrace their own style through his beautifully kitschy styled rooms and in your face glam-fab accessories.

Giraffe Lamps- High fired stoneware with a matte white glaze and hand made paper shade


Some exclusive items for Barnes & Noble, typographic umbrella.

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