Friday, May 25, 2012

A-Z | Vintage Inspired

Designers across all disciplines have always been inspired at the past. From vintage packaging through to letterpress typography designers have found the past a great source of inspiration. This goes hand in hand with consumers buying into vintage styled brands in a desire for nostalgia from simpler and less stressful times. 

Certainly we at P&W created a biscuit tin design for Tesco which was inspired directly from 20s typographical design. Even the Tesco logo was based in a vintage style.

Retro styled typography and vintage black and white photography were used to create a beautifully detailed labels for Stiegl Haus Beir. 
Designed by Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann  Country: Austria

This range of chocolates used classic 50s styled pin-up girl illustrations. To keep faith with the original 50s illustrators, the Bessermachen design studio, first photographed the models and then painted over the photos.
Designed by Bessermachen for Brandhouse Country: Denmark

The Old Tom Ale’s website is built on a “heritage” theme, including the old brewery cat, sketched by Robinsons’ head brewer in 1899.
Designed by Moshen. Country: UK

An example of retro Americana design for Intuition Ale Works of Jacksonville giving the cans an individual look and a strong sense of history.
Designed by DeRouen & Co. Country: United States

Last year Procter & Gamble Target created nostalgia-themed marketing with a limited edition packaging for Tide, Bounce, and Downy at Target stores, in the USA.

                                              Example of 1950s packaging.

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