Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A-Z | University Branding

It has taken a while for branding to seep into the world of higher education but over recent years, because of increased competition in the sector many universities and colleges have begun to re-vamp their branding so that it communicates their unique attributes more effectively and attracts students and staff.

 Many of these universities have developed flexible systems for their brands, such as Norwich University College of the arts, which uses the N on a slant to show the “creative spark” which is flash of lighting moment you get when you get an idea.

University of East Anglia have created a typographic solution creating an icon within their E and A, which flags can be used as an asterisk to flag up their own ethos, Whereas University of Sussex show togetherness by joining up the u and s to make the words “us” and create a conversational brand from that.

These universities aim to look appealing, fresh and modern to prospective students who will be considering going into a lifetime of debt to attend. However it seems that some of the most famous more traditional institutions still have unbelievably dated and dull branding, perhaps they can afford to do this, but it seems a bit of a let down and would be nice to see a little more personality within them.

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