Friday, October 19, 2012

A-Z | Hobby on a Film Set

The late Oscar winning actor Yul Brynner is better known for his roles in movies such as The King & I (1956) and The Magnificent Seven (1960).  However, an exhibition at The Little Black Gallery, London highlighted a little known talent for photography which Brynner honed during long idle periods on film sets.

His candid, personal shots of some of Hollywood's brightest stars reveal subjects relaxed and at ease in his company, happy for him to view them through his trusty Leica.

Brynner amassed more than 8000 photos before he died in 1985,  from which his daughter Victoria selected and curated the show.

Audrey Hepburn was a close personal friend of
Brynner's, this shot was taken in Venice, 1965
Robert Mitchum takes a break from playing a mercenary on the set of Villa Rides. 1956 
The enigmatic Frank Sinatra emerges from a helicopter, tumbler of whisky in hand. 1964 
Ingrid Bergman shows her playful side while filming Goodbye Again 1961 Sophia Loren in a moment of concentration, House Boat 1957 
Elizabeth Taylor plays with her daughter Liza Todd Burton at her Hollywood home 1959 
Grace Kelly in 1966 
These unique portraits are an enticing glimpse of life behind the celebrity facade, from a time when celebrity still retained a certain mystique.


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