Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Unique LA Event

The Venue @ the Historic Barker Hangar
The 2nd Annual Unique LA event in Santa Monica last weekend was the  go to spot for new trends in food, fashion, design, art...you name it, all created from local designers and artists. Corey, the newest addition to the LA office went to the event and came back with a good review. All hand picked, these designers were chosen to exhibit their goods (and passion) to hopefully get some major exposure and new customers. In addition, Unique partners with many non-profits and donates 10% of the ticket sales! Once your in-- not only do you get a free ticket to the Orange County Fair but they have food trucks, free drinks & food samples, silkscreen t-shirts, photo booths, massage center, DIY (do-it-yourself craft booths) and much more! There was far too much to see in a few hours and the venue gets crowded, a good tip is to go in the morning to get the first looks. Unique is still very new, having launched in 2008 the creator, Sonja Rasula's mission is "to bring modern Made-in-America design to the masses, my goals are to help designers and small businesses grow and become sustainable, to support the local economy, and to teach shoppers the value of conscious consumerism." 

The work was all very inspiring and very yummy, as you can see most of the photos below are of food/packaging. Check everything out @ stateofunique.com for more inspiration, other locations & for more photos -- Looking forward to the holiday show that is coming up later in the year, December 1 & 2, 2012!

graceandi.com, EdenCondensed.com, justvandy.com, heppssalt.com

Gotta love this food truck...UK in LA!


  1. Thanks for including a photo of my mini world terrariums. Very cool!


  2. I really wish I could have made it to this event, it looks really fun, and great weather!