Thursday, March 29, 2012

A-Z | RAARR exhibition

The RAARR exhibition (pronounced RAAARRRGHHHH!) is an exhibition of 22 commissioned drawings of animals by some of the worlds leading illustrators. The twist… they weren’t aloud to draw the head or face; instead this was the job of 22 school children. The young felt-tip wielding children added their own personal touch to the illustrations by adding heads, colours, limbs and anything else they could imagine.

The result of this unique and intriguing project can be seen below....

The exhibition was launched at the Book Club in Shoreditch.  All the commissioned inter-generational illustrations on display were for sale and all profits went to the NSPCC, a UK children’s charity based a stones throw away from the Book Club.

Contributing illustrators and their chosen creatures:

There is the old rule of not working with children and animals but in art terms this is surely the perfect combination. Gifted illustrators of all styles and persuasions put together with the inherent levity and enthusiasm of every child when faced with colouring in. The result of this fascinating combination can be seen below in these pictures taken at the 
Book Club of the work on display...


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