Thursday, July 14, 2011

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P&W have had the pleasure of working with Ferrero for over three years now. During this time we have developed a brilliant relationship with them and we have been had the privilege to work on fantastic projects across their entire confectionary range.

This year Ferrero is launching a multi million pound media campaign to boost brand awareness and escape the ‘foreign’ stereotype that is sometimes felt across its chocolate ranges. This is a very exciting period for the brand and we are helping to support their efforts as they aim to attract new consumers to try their delicious range of very successful treats.

Below are some quick snapshots and short descriptions of what you may have seen from some of the product ranges in the last 3 years since we have had the pleasure of working with them:

Kinder Surprise
Has featured top movie partnerships and innovative toys of best-loved children’s characters such as Shrek, Ice Age and Pixar’s latest film, Rio. The brand logo has had a bit of a makeover and now appears much stronger across POS and packaging with boosted colours and a beveled 3D effect.

Kinder Bueno
Have run exciting competitions in partnership with big names such as Warner Brothers and its Sex and the City 2 promotion offered their customers a fabulous night out in the capital to celebrate the release of the new film. It is a very exciting time for Bueno as it has stood firm against the competition from Twix Fino and KitKat Senses as well as other big players in the confectionary market. The new media campaign will be a great way to celebrate its success and invite new customers to try it.

Kinder Chocolate
In 2005 the identity of the original Kinder Kid was revealed as that of Guenter Euringer from Munich, smashing rumors that his image was simply drawn or made up. Soon after revealing his identity, Father of two, Guenter released his autobiography The Chocolate Kid’ which shared his life story of what it was like to be one of the most famous faces in Germany and 
then the rest of the world after his picture was taken in 1973. 

In 2010, Kinder launched its ‘New Face of Kinder’ competition for which kids from England and Ireland competed to become one of the new 5 kinder kids and appear on the front of chocolate packs for a year. Contestants were asked to send in a photo of themselves along with a quote to show an insight into their personality. There were thousand of young hopefuls and the competition was such a success that it has just finished its second year.

Kinder Seasonal 
Has seen a new illustrative style which translates across their spring / summer products and them easily adjusts to their autumn / winter products. Last Easter also saw the release of their brand new product – Kinder mini eggs! (for which we designed the packaging)

The first installment of the new media campaign can now be seen on our television screens as the advertisements have taken on a much bigger family feel and feature innovative, futuristic toys for both boys and girls alike. If you haven’t seen the adverts already then take a look at the youtube clips below:

We wish Ferrero all the best in their latest push and look forward 
to working with them for many more years to come.

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