Monday, August 6, 2012

Kitchen TO GO | Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market

 We have designed the Kitchen TO GO branding for Tesco’s US chain Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. The new branding solution was implemented on their private label packaging, advertising and point of sale materials.

 The range was created to deliver a new take on take out, 150+ fully prepared and ready to heat meals  inspired from cuisines around the world. The name ‘kitchen to go’ was created to encompass all products, each cuisine was then split into sub brands- Mexican TO GO, Italian TO GO, American TO GO and Asian TO GO.  Each cuisine was designated a color and logo, so when merchandised the fixture easier to navigate for customers. To mimic a restaurant experience the range is split into eating occasions- meal bowls, appetizers, sides, entrees and family entrees are called out on the front of each pack.

 Photographic styles brought each cuisine to life, Mexican was street food style with props and serving suggestions in keeping with an on-the-go lifestyle. Bright and colorful surfaces and take out style packaging were used to give the feeling of a fast paced environment. Italian was sleek and sophisticated with marble surfaces and clean contemporary cool colors, similar to al fresco dining you would experience in Italy. American was rustic and comforting, with warm wooden surfaces and clean white washed wood giving the feeling of outdoor grilling. Asian was colourful with ethnic inspiration, filled with interesting textures and bold colored cloths.
"We are incredibly proud of this range, a difficult brief was delivered in record time with pleasing results. The environment the food photography creates for the packaging creates truly inspires you to explore the flavors  of these chef created recipes. “

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